Adult Sunday School

At Bethany we encourage all adults to get involved with a class that you feel comfortable with; this will provide you an opportunity to build key relationships that can last a lifetime.

Though we’ve been conditioned to seek quick fixes or easy steps, real life is harder than that. Spiritual development has been defined as “a long obedience in the same direction.”Our Bible Study classes assist you in your walk with life-impacting Bible Study, practical teaching and helpful tools to ensure that your journey with Christ is all that it can be.

Adults (Singles, Married, Seniors)
You may be a single young adult, newly married young adult, married with children or you may have retired from work.  One thing is for sure you never retire from the work of the Lord. Our ministry gives adults a place to continue to grow in their faith and to show the wisdom they have achieved through experience. We have adult classes for the following ages:


  • Bro. Mike Holland’s class- age focus 70 and up
  • Bro. Wade Reynold’s class- age focus 55-70
  • Bro. Mark McCarrol’s class- age focus 40-55
  • Bro. Jason Roger’s class- age focus 30-40
  • 18-30 College, Singles and young married w/out children
  • 20-30 Young Married/Young Adult